Cultural Tours, Trekking and Special Interest Holidays in Bhutan

Nature has bestowed Bhutan with dramatic land architecture, unique biotic treasures and fabulously rich cultural landscape which forms the basis of country's tours, treking or any special interest tours. Interestingly this enchanting Himalayan Kingdom carefully preserves its unique natural and cultural heritage and thus requires kind of tourism that harmonizes well with the environment and acts synergistically in protection, preservation and conservation of the bounties of nature and culture.

Talking in contemporary context, the Royal Government of Bhutan is successfully following the principle of High Value-Low Volume Tourism. The idea is to keep tourist arrivals to a manageable levels so that an enriched experience to the guests is ensured. Thus, the tourism policy of the country has been to promote an economically viable, socially and culturally acceptable and environmentally sustainable tourism.

In line with the Government policy of Quality Tourism, we have designed tours of various duration that introduces visitors to the unique aspects of Bhutanese culture including visit to sacred festivals and pilgrimage sites and whichever tour you go, there are fascinating excursion to villages, temples or scenic spots, offering panoramic vistas. The given suggested tour itineraries can always be modified / changed as per guest's choice, specification and logistics.

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